Tuesday, April 28, 2009

(Almost) Daily FRC Bashing

Now the Family Research Council, like many other social conservatives, seem to believe that Democrats are going to use the swine flu to ram through the Sebelius nomination to secretary of HHS.

This is actually something closer to wishful thinking, since, as I wrote earlier this week, there isn't any real opposition to Sebelius based on abortion (or any other factors for that matter). The Republicans in the Senate are far more worried about the upcoming health care reform battle and there are only a few of the Repbulicans that are doing their due dilligance to the religious right by putting up a stink about Sebelius.

It's true Sen. Sam Brownback is waffling toward voting "no" now, since his base is mostly religious conservatives, but Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) endorsed her as did former Sen. Bob Dole.

Sebelius' confirmation will be open to a vote today, so we'll see how strong the anti-choice right's message really is by the end of the day.

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