Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Will the Star Tribune Print a Correction?

Michelle Bachmann is starting to remind me of George Will. They both recently have published wild inaccuracies on the op-ed pages of their respective hometown papers (of course, Will is a regular columnist while Bachmann is not) relating to global warming. Aaron Weiner at the Windy has the details, but this raises a question for me about the accuracies of op-ed pages. If newspapers expect to maintain their standards of journalism, then they should at least fact check the people they publish even (or especially) if they are on the op-ed pages.

I don't know if anyone has asked the Star Tribune to publish a correction for Bachmann's misreprentation of the facts, but someone should. After all, if newspapers like the Star Tribune hope to be relevant at all, they could at least be held accountable to the facts rather than letting new media point out their errors. That's not to say that the words aren't Bachmann's fault. She should be held responsible for what she wrote. But so should the venue in which she published it. This is embarrassing for them.

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