Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Postponing the ENDA Vote

The House Education and Labor Committee was supposed to hold a markup hearing and vote on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a piece of legislation that would ban employers from firing individuals due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. However, the committee sent out an email late in the day yesterday saying that the vote has been postponed, "rescheduled TBA."

Although the legalization of same-sex marriage has taken the forefront of the debate in LGBT issues, many feel this legislation is a key component of civil rights. While marriage often gets mucked up with religious debates, ENDA is often seen as a reasonable advancement for civil rights that has to do with workplace security. The ACLU reports that it is legal to fire or refuse to hire someone because of their sexual orientation currently in 29 states. It is also legal to practice job discrimination against someone due to gender identity in 38 states.

ENDA would actually make a difference for those LGBT individuals that feel they have been treated unfairly in the workplace. It's unclear when the House committee will reschedule the vote, but let's hope it's soon.

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