Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Parents of Constance McMillian's Peers Prove They Haven't Matured Since High School


Constance McMillen, the Mississippi teen who was barred from taking her girlfriend to prom and then had a judge rule that the school board had violated her rights, was duped by her peers into going to a "fake prom" that only five other students attended, according to reporting by The Advocate. Her peers, meanwhile, went to another prom organized by parents at an "undisclosed location."

The level of immaturity demonstrated by not only McMillen's peers but also her parents is the kind of thing I might expect to see on season one of Gossip Girl, but certainly never thought parents of the Mississippi teens would think that such social outcasting is acceptable behavior. Perhaps parents thought they were taking a principled stand against homosexuality, but instead, they ended up demonstrating how immature they were. Grow up, parents.

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