Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Links: Abortion Care Under Attack

Congresswoman Virginia Foxx joins Pro-Life members of Congress to demand that healthcare reform does not require taxpayer funded abortion or abortion insurance mandates. (Flickr/Rep. Virginia Foxx)
  • Several states have already banned abortion coverage in the state health insurance exchanges, and several more are looking at doing the same. [Guttmacher Institute]
  • Think Stupak was bad? A new bill would go even farther in banning abortion coverage. [Mother Jones]
  • Steph Herold talks about her Twitter hashtag #ihadanabortion. [The Daily Femme]
  • All this buzz about Natalie Portman's new ballet psychological thriller reminds one writer that she was once a ballerina with an eating disorder. [Crushable]
  • Another reason Robyn is awesome: "It's not politically correct any more to not be a feminist which is good, but for me, feminism is still necessary and that sucks." [AFP]
  • Hyde hurts poor women and women of color the most, says the illustrious Jessica Arons. [Campus Progress]
  • Thanks to the recession, more black women's hair salons are closing. At the same time, salons that traditionally serve a predominately white clientele are seeing an increase in diversity of its stylists. [Washington Post]
  • Amanda Hess reports on the protesters camped out outside Leroy Carhart's new clinic in Maryland. [TBD]
  • A women's soccer coach at Belmont University was reportedly fired after revealing she was a lesbian and that she and her partner were expecting a baby, but her firing has ignited pro-gay activism on campus. [Inside Higher Ed]
  • Impostor syndrome comes to life with a young woman who grades herself far below what her peers do in an academic setting. [Geek Feminism]
  • What holiday season would be complete without a bacon and sausage nativity? [Gawker]

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