Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Links: Retro Edition

  • Though I typically despise listicles, I can at least agree with the premise: The '90s rocked. [The Frisky]
  • Cristina Hendricks on her Johnny Walker: "I like my Green Label neat or I like my Gold Label chilled." [Grub Street]
  • Video: Katha Pollitt on Sarah Palin's gross misinterpretation of feminist history. [GritTV]
  • "I forgot to have children!" postcards [Cafe Press, via Lindsay Beyerstein]
  • Amanda Hess helps us navigate the history behind the New York Times' latest exercise in Sex and the City gender essentialism. [TBD]
  • If you're in New York this weekend, I'd highly recommend partaking in the Radical '80s Prom going on tonight. [Feministe]
  • How much is Netflix's stock worth? [Daily Intel]
  • Sandra Lee is terrible. [YouTube]
  • But, apparently also feminist for having her own career while her boyfriend wins the New York governorship. [Daily Best]

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