Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Links: 'Math Is Hard. Let's Go Shopping.'

(Flickr/Bindaas Madhavi)
  • This is a really fantastic slideshow that refutes the "men are just better at math" idea. My favorite quote? "Math is hard. Let's go shopping." [Geek Feminism Blog]
  • Most sports reporters are white (and, I might add, male) and it's hurting sports coverage. [Colorlines]
  • Miller Lite runs a sexist ad campaign. Again. [Bitch Blogs]
  • Planned Parenthood Arizona does some good work, but this writer thinks it's still firmly entrenched in the white "mainstream." [The Feminist Wire]
  • As the comic industry hems and haws about what their female readers want, one blogger took it upon herself to ask a bunch of women who read comics what they want. [Okazu]
  • Boardwalk Empire has brought prostitutes to premium cable again, and this blogger interviews an extra who played one. [Abortion Gang]
  • London was once the home of a ruthless all-female gang called Forty Elephants in the 18th century. [The Guardian]
  • A stay-at-home mom can't sleep because she's given up decades of earning power. [Salon]
  • New Yorker's fiction writers are mostly male. [The Millions]

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